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Welcome!!!  Thanks for visiting Shelby Brown! Here, you can access information about Shelby and his career.  Hear samples of Shelby's lastest album and discover the benefits of the Music Education and Diversion Program. A program designed to equip children who are at a disavdvantage with musical instruments.

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Musical Diversion Program
As egalitarians, Dymusic USA has endorsed Shelby Brown, a proponent of donating musical instruments to school districts and underprivileged children. Proudly Dymusic USA in avocation with Shelby Brown would like to introduce their Music Diversion Program. A program developed to attract like minded associates, to participate in a program created to benefit underfunded music curriculums and families that lack the financial means to purchase musical instruments for their children.

Primarily the goal of Dymusic USA and Shelby Brown would be to direct the donation of instruments to inner city children and underfunded school systems by providing the instruments to an (non-profits/organization/sponsors) at whole sale prices. Those entities would then implement the program, handle all distribution, sponsorship and advertising.

Instruments can be donated to schools with music programs that have instruments that are unsalvageable coupled with schools that are looking to establish a music program.

School administrators will responsible for supplying all (non- profits/organizations/sponsors), with a list of needed items for qualified participants of the program.

The details of the musical diversion program, is outlined below.

I. Mission:
Provide musical instruments to underfunded schools districts and children in order to promote the arts, specifically musical instruction.
II. Our purpose:
a. Providing musical instruments to underfunded school music programs.
b. To provide alternatives to school age children in the form of enhanced school music programs.
c. Increasing awareness of the benefits of a well rounded education in the fine arts.
d. Diversion from non-productive activities.
e. Developing productive life long skills.
f. To motivate school programs to participate in a performance competition that will determine the school that will receive musical instruments.
g. Competitions will be implemented if possible within the school district.
h. Mentoring will be offered with the donation of instruments to each participating school, in the areas of the music business, music performance and music production.
i. Follow up with regularly scheduled meetings with music directors and students who have participated in the program.
III. Sponsors:
a. All sponsors of our musical diversion program will receive signage and the highest exposure possible at all events, i.e. print media, radio etc.
b. Sponsors are responsible for the purchase of the instruments in the program from Dymusic USA. Sponsors are not allowed to interfere with the execution of the program unless by the permission of Dymusic USA and its affiliates.
c. A full accounting of all expenses will be provided to all participating sponsors.
d. Sponsors will be required to provide advertising material to program organizers in a timely fashion.
For more information please contact Dymusic USA at info@mmis.us.

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